Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jacksonville, NC

(My theme is places I have visited or lived)

Jacksonville, NC

I graduated from Marine Corps Boot camp January 19, 1973 in San Diego, CA. I was then sent to the Army Chemical Warfare School in Anniston, AL. I graduated as an NBC (Nuclear Biological & Chemical) Warfare Specialist (5711) in March of 1973. After a time of military leave I was assigned to HMM 261 (Helicopter) Squadron stationed at the New River Air Station in Jacksonville, NC.

I arrived in J-Ville around midnight and was picked up at the airport by the duty driver and driven to a receiving  barracks. The next morning I checked into the S-1 (Administration) office in order to process into my new unit.

I was just 60 some days past my 18th birthday. I was almost two people - one person in me was scared to death. All alone in a strange state, 3,000 miles from friends and family joining a Squadron which had distinquished itself in Viet Nam. The other person in me was as excited as a 10 year old boy on Christmas Day.

I got checked into HMM 261 with no problems and began my life as an NBC NCO and S-3 Flight Operations Clerk. 

It was also where I was married. My high school sweetheart flew from San Jose, CA to Jacksonville, NC. On June 18th, 1973 Irene and I were married at the Tar Landing Missionary Baptist Church of Jacksonville, NC.


nashvillecats2 said...

What lovely memories you have of Jacksonville NC, Getting married there.
Most enjoyable to read as always.

Arlee Bird said...

Jacksonville was usually part of our yearly show tour. We played a lot of NC towns which makes sense because our company was based in Charlotte, NC.

Your military experience is something I never shared, but I admire those who have done it. I can imagine what an adjustment it must have been for you. With all that training at your young age you had a good start on life. At that same age I was still acting like a little kid in a lot of ways.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
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shortybear said...

fantastic post

KC Bob said...

Great story Gregg! Five years before you landed in NC I was in boot camp in SC where I was taking a day course in using gas masks and the like.