Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Thoughts for Your Devotional Life

All believers should have a regular, routine, and robust devotional life or quiet time. Look through these following four thoughts and the four important questions and grab hold of one or all of them to enhance your own personal devotional life.

  • Always get quiet and become still in God's presence
  • The goal of your quiet time is not to read through the bible in a yearly reading plan, nor is to exegete (study) the text at hand
  • The goal of your quiet time is quality time not merely quanity
  • This is not the time for devotional books or reading plans unless the are additions to the devotional reading of scripture

Here are four minimal but important questions to ask the text that you are reading:

  1. What does the passage say? (What is the main idea)
  2. What does the passage mean by what it says?
  3. What are the principles in the passage?
  4. What is the application, or what do I do now?

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Enjoyed as always Gregg.