Saturday, December 12, 2015

Twas the time for Christmas

Twas the time before Christmas
And all through the USA
Not a believer was concerned
Nor hoping to stay
The hand of evil in our land
Nary a one who’d take a stand.

Parents were in a loud uproar
Because kids couldn’t sing
Or talk of the baby Jesus
Or make much of angelic things

It seems everyone only thought
That a problem was a foot
Anger spread toward the PC Police
Now Christmas was caput
You could hear them all say
December 25th is our holiday

Believers still spent their cash and credit
With similar frenzy they rushed to get it
They made loud protests for God
While His glory disappeared from this sod

It was important for retailers to meet their quota
As commercials promoted Buick and Toyota
What if Target hung trees upside down
Or at Lowes the word "Christmas" wasn’t found
Why should K-Mart or Staples or Penny’s or Sears
Be responsible for what tickles your ears

Are you surprised at the push for diversity?
These things do not intimidate me
Why are you surprised at all this clatter?
God’s name and fame is all that matters

No one can take a true believer’s faith away
No need to shut up salvation or grace
Why such a fuss over a pagan holiday
Christ’s Mass doesn’t have a place

We are called to be witnesses to the fact
that Christ was resurrected and not to an act
of birth not even in December by the way
To compete with a pagan holiday 

There is no gift of Christmas to exchange or discard
No reason for a season to stop or to start
Whether you are on winter break under a dream tree
Take the time to sip some Seattle’s Best and listen to me

Forget this battle that once a year doth rage
Honor the King of glory, the Sovereign of age
Speak of his glory and resurrected power
Live for him every day and every hour

Don’t be surprised when the world tells lies
The god of this world has blinded their eyes
Choose your words carefully think what you say
It is not merry Christmas, it is Happy Holidays

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nashvillecats2 said...

An excellent but bitter sweet poem Gregg.
Great read.