Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Dead Theologian 1 Year Challenge

Mike Leake from The Borrowed Light Blog issued this challenge:
It’s Thanksgiving. Your mom is begging you for a Christmas list. If you don’t want that ugly sweater again you had better tell her something. Rather than muttering out something that you don’t really need, I want to invite you to ask for something lasting this Christmas.
I’m proposing that you pick one of these four Christians from the past and spend an entire year with them. Today, I will give you the names of the four men, and a list of books you should buy. In the coming weeks, if there is enough interest, I’ll give you a reading plan.
Here are your 4 options (pick one) and the books you ought to buy:
1. John Newton: The Pastor
The Works of John Newton.  (Note: Don’t pay over 120 for this)
Wise Counsel by Grant Gordon
Life of John Newton by Josiah Bull
Letters of John Newton
Total Cost: $120-180
2. John Calvin: The Theologian
Institutes (If possible get the McNeill version)
Letters of John Calvin
Calvin by Bruce Gordon
John Calvin: Pilgrim and Pastor
Total Cost: $50-90
3. Andrew Fuller: The Missionary
Total Cost: $50-75
4. Richard Sibbes: The Preacher
Total Cost: $120-150
I have decided to participate in this challenge. Even though he said pick one Christian from the past I am going to pick two. The two men that I have picked are not on his suggested list. I have some books already purchased and not yet read. It don't think it would be a good idea to purchase more. 
The two men I am going to pick are:

John Owen

Stephen Charnock

The Works of Stephen Charnock
Volumes 1 -4


Scott said...

Like your choices as well. From Mike's list, I would go with Sibbes (or maybe Newton, hmmm). I already have a lot of their stuff on Kindle, which makes it more practical for me. Owen would be a great choice as well. Looking forward to hearing/reading the fruit of you labors.

Yvonne Lewis said...

A good challenge there Gregg , Good luck.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Scott - Thanks! I thought about picking one from Mike's list, but I have some 35 books I haven't read waiting for me. Sibbes would have been a good choice, no doubt!

Yvonne - Thanks! I will need it.

Susan said...

My hubby has books by Owen and Calvin's Institutes...when I move to Canada they are in my future for reading for sure :)