Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Paul Crouch Died

Paul Crouch died.  We were on vacation and didn't hear a thing about it. It wasn't until we returned home and I happened to see a short piece on the internet. The notice of his death caused me to stop and think for a moment.

My response was, "Wow, Paul Crouch died!" First, let me say I was not surprised that he died. The bible says all men will die and then comes a judgment. (Hebrews 9:27) Second, it is not because I have any interest, affiliation, affection, or connection to Paul Crouch.

See, my first thought was, "Where is he?" "Did he make it?" "Where will he spend eternity?" Why did I think of such things? Simply because if there were a "poster-child" for Matthew 7:21-23, I believe it would be Paul Crouch.

He was a false teacher. He was a  heretic. He preached a false gospel. I do not believe that Mr. Crouch really knew the gospel of Christ and the New Testament. I believe Crouch regularly said, "Lord, Lord!' But I do not believe he knew the Lord. Let me say, I do not know his heart or anyone's heart. I am not a judge of or for redemption. But I do know how to observe fruit and I do know how to recognize, mark, and avoid a heretic. (Romans 16:17)

What is my point? It certainly is not to cast more pain in the direction of the Crouches at this time. However, I think we can learn four things from his (life) and death.

First - Not everyone who claims to be a believer, preacher or miracle worker is truly such. Matthew made that clear - prophesying, casting out demons, and doing wonders or miracles does not justify nor demonstrate justification.

Second - it behooves us to study diligently the doctrine of salvation and to understand it as God gave it. Eternal life is to know God, the one true and living God. (The Gospel of John)

Third - it should grieve us tremendously when the Enemy is able to deceive and trap in darkness a precious soul. If in fact God never redeemed Paul Crouch in spite of his hideous doctrine, my heart is heavy with sorrow for his soul, Christ's glory, and his family.

Fourth - Life is short and it is fragile. It needs to be handled with prayer. The apostle Paul exhorted the Corinthians to examine themselves in order to be sure that they were actually believers. They were to examine the evidence and be "convicted" by it that they were of the faith. 

How about you? Do you really know Him? Has God converted your soul? Are you counting on your race, your ritual, your religion, or your results for eternal redemption. Turn from your idols to the living and true God/


Scott said...

I had similar thoughts. That is, after the very ungracious thought of "I guess he died because he didn't have enough faith to be healed." Sorry.

It's hard to be gracious about someone who has led so many astray. We certainly pray for his family, that maybe the true Gospel will find its way into their hearts.

Horace Ward said...

Very good points Gregg. "What profit is it to gain the whole world & lose your soul"?

Paul made conscious decisions through his life. He was not only an affront to our Lord; he was responsible for an insurmountable number of "double sons of hell" that followed & believed his ministry.

As God spoke through the prophet Jeremiah "Do not pray for these people"

What angers me is these wolves in sheep clothing "lying on God" which is no small thing...

Gregg Metcalf said...

Scott - I know what you mean. It is hard to be gracious to those who are so evil in doctrine. But we are to love our enemies. I also had to find a way to be gracious.

Horace - Thank you. What a shame to have "fame" wealth, and all but still not have Christ.

Cathy M. said...

I had the same thoughts when I saw the news of his death. It made me think of something A.W. Tozer said, "We're all headed for the same hole in the ground."

Cathy M. said...
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Horace Ward said...


Although the body perishes there are only 2 destinations according to the bible - You either go into the presence of God forever; or you go out of the presence of God forever. 2Tim 3:16 "All Scripture is inspired by God"..

Susan said...

I heard about his passing...I like your thoughts about this, Gregg, again a reminder of what is important.... and what is not important in this life...having a "form of godliness" isn't enough because it makes mockery of the true... we are to be witnesses to what is true.

Jesus called the Pharisees "hypocrites" which in Greek was the name for actors, and he called them serpents. I think Paul Crouch was on all accounts an actor, just an empty shell with nothing true inside. Sad.