Wednesday, August 28, 2013

When a Homosexual Mayor Partners with Neo-evangelical Churches

How much can we grieve the Holy Spirit before God says enough and withdraws Him? How much darkness can we embrace before God removes the restraint and influence of His Spirit from this nation and this world?

Have you listen to the 11 minute clip from the so called "Gospel Coalition that was posted on Facebook on August 27, 2013? If you haven't you missed one more opportunity to grieve and weep over the condition of the so called evangelical church. To say I was appalled is an understatement. To say I am shocked and dismayed, well leaves me speechless.

First of all, what an ungodly and ignorant way to open a discussion as to say that we as churches were desperate to find a way to be relevant. Why were the churches desperate? Don't they know the bible? Don't they believe the bible? 

When the church is following its head, vitally connected to the power of God, even the gates of hell will not prevent the church from being victorious and carrying out her mission. The church doesn't need to worry about finding ways to be relevant. She needs to march against the gates of hell with the armor of God and pull down strongholds of darkness.

Second, why in the world does the church want to partner with the kingdom of darkness? Have they not read the warning in 2 Corinthians 6:14? What fellowship does the light have with the darkness? None! Christ told Judas to leave the fellowship in the upper room. He didn't tell the disciples to partner with Judas or the Pharisees in order to carry out his mission.

Third, why in the world would the church surrender her autonomy to the world in order to accomplish anything? The Mayor made it clear that the first major rule to be followed and obeyed was that of "no proselytizing." You have got to be kidding, right?

What are the marching orders of the church? Well, you can refresh your memory by looking at Matthew 28:18-20. What is the responsibility and mission of every believer? We are to be a witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are to preach the gospel to every creature. How can the church allow darkness to dictate terms

To hear the Mayor say that first, this was made absolutely clear, second, that there was no "one single complaint" about that point was horrifying. Either the church no longer cares about its mission and responsibilities or it has decided that dishonesty is now the best policy. If the sharing of the gospel took place then the believers were dishonest and violated the terms of the "partnership."

Fourth the church is not a welfare system. Let me explain. The church does not exist as a system to provide food, clothes, medical attention, furniture, or any other necessity or asset in a sterile setting or vacuum.

 By that I mean we don't set up a "warehouse" with inventory which allows an individual to pick up or out a needed item and leave with no explanation of the reason the assistance is being offered. I do believe that the church [and not the state] should give the basics of life to those who truly are in need. 

However, an explanation of why the assistance is being offered is necessary. The "needy" individual needs to be told that they are being helped by the sacrifice of others because of the love of God that constrains them through the Lord Jesus Christ. To give food or clothing without the gospel is the greatest form of hate known to man. What good does a full belly or warm clothing do if one walks away without being warned of the coming judgment of God?

The church is allowing herself to be robbed of vital and valuable resources while being restrained from being obedient to God. What a great way for the schools and relief societies to acquire new funds when budgets have been cut and normal channels are closed or closing.

Fifth, a major problem that comes from this type of unbiblical partnership is that the church blurs the lines of true Christianity. When we partner with "churches" of varying believes, doctrines, positions, attitudes, and agendas, we confuse the world rather than help it. If we stand for biblical truth in our church yet partner with a church that does not what are we saying. We are saying it is alright to compromise or to be in error. We are saying that at times it is right to do wrong. 

For example have can we say that the pastorate or eldership is limited to qualified males and then partner with a "church" that contains female "pastors?" How can a church accept the biblical truth that homosexuality is sinful and then partner with a "church" that embraces homosexuals?

Sixth, why is it so important that "unity" among 400 churches be so important? Don't misquote that verse from John 17. Christ prayed that all beleivers would be one with the Father as he and Christ were one. Getting 400 churches together in perfect unity or harmony while drinking a coke will not open the hearts of those who are dead in trespasses and sin.

Seventh, at the 10.54 mark of the clip Adams called for blatant compromise. If you wonder what my thoughts are on compromise I shared a little yesterday. Meanwhile back at the ranch, he said if we can agree on 8 out of 10 things can we forget or dimiss the things like oh, homosexual marriage or abortion, and act on the things that we agree on that is important to society. 

Listen, it doesn't matter what is important to society. Society is in darkness. Society is dead. Society hates the light, loves the darkness, and love their evil deeds. This is the world [through Adams] calling for the same things Schuller or Hybels pounced on. Le'ts give society what they want rather than what they need. 

If you say, well I am sure witnessing is going on, then we are sanctioning dishonesty. If we agree we will not witness and then we do what message is that? Now, don't get me wrong. I don't mean to imply if the state says tomorrow, "Thou shalt never share the gospel again," I will. Christ's command countermands the state. I will never approach, Lord willing, the state and say let me partner with you and have the state say yes, but you can never witness, knowing that I will go behind the states back and witness.

Let me repeat myself in a very brief summary. We need to be actively sharing the gospel every opportunity that God gives to us. We need to have compassion and love for those who have legitimate and basic needs. We cannot James said, "Say be warmed and filled and then do nothing about it." However, we can love and have compassion without compromise. We can meet needs and demonstrate the love of Christ without partnering with darkness.


Susan said...

Thank you Gregg, I have been sensing an urgency to tell the truth no matter the cost also, and have been praying for wisdom and the Lord to loosen my tongue at His disposal.

I think you may have hit upon "the mark of the beast" (perhaps), there may be a physical mark coming too, however I think it is this promise to obedience to the state (being a slave to it) is the mark, any kind of chip implant or whatever might also be implemented, but it begins with giving one's heart mind and soul over to the government, to this world rather.

In the Old Testament, a slave had his ear pierced with an awl to show his obedience to his master. Many today are having their minds pierced with the lies of this world, and their hands serving the "god of this world" (the devil, who is truly behind all of this wickedness.

I pray that we all get strong and stand for the truth, and boldly continue to speak the words that the Holy Spirit prompts us to say and not quench His Spirit out of our fear of what man can do to us.

In Jesus name I hope and pray for the voice of the true church to not be silent, amen.

Gregg Metcalf said...

Susan - thanks. Sometimes I feel like the prophets of old, nobody wants to hear these things. Everybody in the name of grace just wants to "get along." I appreciate your support. I truly feel if I get read at all and any comments that I am going to get lambasted for exhibiting a lack of grace or harshness. This was not a review from anger or harshness but stems from a broken and grieved heart.