Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Blessings of Our Union with Christ

“Evangelism is not simply saying, ‘Come to Christ; He will do this, that, and the other for you.’ No! The glorious thing about salvation is that I am taken out of Adam, that have finished with him, and am dead to sin. I am in Christ, and all the blessings that come to me come because of my union with Christ.”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Anonymous said...

Good Saturday post Gregg.

Enjoy your week-end;

Gregg Metcalf said...

Thanks, it is good for anyday! :)

Susan said...

We cannot add to anything He has done, "It is finished"...and yet He is doing a work in us, and it isn't "about me" or even "about us" (as our flesh always tries to make it be) ... it is all about Jesus, His goodness, His graciousness, His unmerited favor. It is far beyond my comprehension, and yet so true! :)

Gregg Metcalf said...

Susan - Amen and isn't that the truth?